Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Foggy Days

I recently had a comment on my "foggy days". Someone asked if I would describe what that means so they can understand how their spouse is feeling. I'll do the best I can with it.

On my "foggy days" nothing seems to really be in focus. It is like I am a step behind things. I don't think clearly.......not enough to really throw me off, but enough to know that I am not myself. An example of this is when I am reading the paper. I can't understand the headline of a story -- I will re-read it several times and it just doesn't make sense to me. I can then read the article and get an idea of what it is about the headline throws me. Or I look at the comics in the paper and I can't figure out why something is funny. Some days my "fog" is trying to cook or do something in order. I know all the ingredients I need to make something and I know how to make it -- I just can't do it! I can't physically take the steps to do it. I make handmade greeting cards and some days I can work on all the little embellishments that I put on the cards, but I can't actually put the pieces together to make a whole card. It sounds so simple, but it isn't on those days.

Another symptom of a foggy day is when I can't put all of my thoughts together to make a coherent sentence. I know what I want to say -- I just can't. I enjoy sports and follow them pretty regularly but on some of my foggy days, I have a problem keeping score, figuring out whose playing and just following the game in general.

These episodes may last a few hours or all day. I never know when it is going to hit me -- I struggle with it, get frustrated by it and sometimes get mad about it. But there isn't much I can do about it.

I hope this helps. Others that have Early Stage that read this might have some more comments, but it is the best explanation I can come up with today!

Thanks for reading.


LB said...

I wanted to thank you so much for responding. I've never gone on a blog site before so for my first experience, you touched my heart with your effort to help me "see". I don't want to monopolize your time with my questions but can you tell me if at those times is there any thing anyone can do to help or comfort you? Even if silent presence is enough I'd like to know.
Wishing you clarity.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to have found this blog site. I am a sixty year old man 3 or 4 years into my diagnosis.My wife is my care giver and she's great but we sometimes. I still drive but know I'll have to quit sooner than later. My biggest complaint is the isolation and lack of opportunities to interact as we've been with former frieinds from the past. I l like the music of the 60's and she likes clasical, so when she wants to treat me to a night out we go to the symphony or ballet. I appreciate it but it's not what I want to do. I hate to be upset about it because she spends a lot of money on it. We work together in our business and no one knows my diagonis because my wife thought if we let anyone know they would assume that she's too busy taking care of me and go to some one else in our line of work instead of us.That leaves me with no good isolated or ruin our business which is already suffering under this economy. Well at least I feel better that some one might read this and respond and thanks again for reading.

Anonymous said...

Wonder if you are on Statin durgs? This sounds like my Mom but when i take her off them she gets better...until the Dr. wants to put her back on them and I am not there to stop it. I think my sisters are finally seeing the connection so hopefully they will help me keep her off them. He is a good Dr. except for this one issue. He loves Statins!!
Best wishes to you!