Wednesday, February 20, 2008

LB -- your comments are great -- don't worry about my time! In answer to your question, I cannot explain to someone when this is happening to me. Like for example, when I find that I can't make dinner -- at the time I can't tell my husband why I can't -- I just tell him I can't do it and he does it. Sometimes when reading the paper and I can't understand it I might ask for help but even after it is explained to me I still don't understand it. It may different with other people -- I usually liken it to an "out of body" experience -- like I know what is happening but I can't do anything about it. Just being there as a silent partner as you mentioned is comforting -- it is to me anyway. I know someone is around and if I can't do these things someone will do them and I don't worry about it. I hope this helps. This disease is so much harder on the caretaker and I always feel guilty about that. It's hard for us to explain what is going on and you're suppose to know -- it isn't always that easy is it!!! Thanks for your comments.

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LB said...

Clearly I’m addicted to your ramblings. I should be putting together a disclosure schedule right now but I find myself stealing away to your site to learn more. The addition is “hope”. You have given me that. I showed your thoughts on Fog to my husband. He responded that he didn’t have that, he just forgets. He went on to give me examples. One of which was the other day when he went to start up his car with the TV remote control. The interesting part to this story is that he verbalized his thoughts. He usually doesn’t. You have given me a tool, your descriptive phrasing.
I feel a new energy. Also a wave of patience—something I felt was ebbing away. Just wanted to let you know your efforts are much appreciated. This is a crazy life and in the spirit of things, I need to run out and look at the lunar eclipse tonight. Good night and smile tomorrow, just because,

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