Thursday, October 04, 2007

I've rested some from the Nashville trip. My friend Carol was so great with me. She did all the driving, helped me manage crossing the street at the right time, and helped me make change when I needed it. I'm used to my husband helping me do simple stuff, so I forget that I actually need help sometimes!

I'll post some photos at some point. I just need to sift through all of them.

October always seems to be a month of reflection for me. I suppose it is because it is the month of my son's birthday. I've written on this blog before how I have written my son a letter on his birthday every year beginning on the day he was born. All through the year I save things for the letter and about September I start thinking about what I am really going to write.

Well, I have just a few weeks and the pressure is on! Not really, I enjoy doing it and now probably more than ever because I don't know if next year I will be able to. You never know about anything in life let alone when you have a crazy disease. All of the letters to date are in the safety deposit box and will be given to him at some point.

This year has been tough for Alan in many ways -- growing up isn't always fun. But he will look back on this year later and realize how much he learned and what it took to get where he is. I miss him a lot. It looks as if he will be working in Washington DC next year after graduation so at least he will be closer.

It's finally getting a little cooler here in the south. But we still need rain. There was an article in the paper this morning that if we don't get rain soon, we will be out of water by mid-December. That's a little frightening!

Thanks to all who have supported me with Memory Walk this year. The walk is in three weeks and if you would still like to donate you can at

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