Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cognitive Reserve

The Memory Walk was today. It was a great day -- lots of people and the weather was beautiful. We had over 450 walkers registered before the day started, $45,000 raised before the day started and 39 teams. I don't know where we ended up money wise but we'll know soon enough. The goal for our walk was $75,000 and I think we will make that. It was a great event. Having said that -- I'm glad it is over.

When I came home I told my husband my body and my brain were so tired I didn't know what to do. I rested, took a good nap, and rested some more. It will take my brain a few days to recover. I bring this up, because there has been much discussion lately about "cognitive reserve". I never really knew it had a name, but I figured that someone would come up with it. It is where you can store up all this brain power for something and then it is shot and gone for several days.

I am putting a link in here that I hope you will all read if you are caring for someone with Alzheimer's -- or have it yourself. Rich Bozanich is a friend from California that serves on the Early Stage Advisroy Group with me. Rich is a journalist and can put into words so eloquently what I can't. The Alzforum has an interview with Rich that to me is amazing. The interview is going to be in five parts with the first two posted at this link. Rich and another college Jay Smith have worked tirelessly for the last 15 months to put together an early memory loss forum in Los Angeles. It is next week and it is sold out with 350 people signed up. They've done a great job in putting this together and I know that they will be totally exhausted when it is over. Many people will be better off having attended this seminar I know. I wish I could be there with them, but they know I am there in spirit. Please take a few minutes to read Rich's interview. It is very enlightening. I hate it that my words don't come out like Rich's -- but at least someone can do it! I especially like Rich's comments in the second part of the interview when people are trying to make themselves feel better by trying to make you feel better. I kind of had to laugh out loud because we have all been there. Thanks Rich!

Hopefully I can get my brain wrapped around a few more thoughts and write some more about the walk soon. My team did a great job -- they raised almost $15,000 and we still have money coming in -- so we might make it yet.

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