Thursday, October 11, 2007

Cooler Weather

The weather has finally turned a little cooler and hopefully it will stay that way for awhile! It was nice to have the doors open today and actually feel a little chilly!

The photos above are from the trip I took with my friend Carol to Nashville last weekend. We had a great time -- it was nice to get away. But, I realized on the trip how much I rely on my husband these days. He can pick up when I need help and steps right in. I felt bad having to ask Carol to count my change out for me at a restaurant or to steer me in the right direction when we were going somewhere. She is a true friend let me tell you!
Things are gearing up rather quickly for the walk. It will be here in about 8 days. Our team, Team Athens has raised almost $10,000 and we will have met that total and more by the time the walk rolls around next weekend.
Next week, is another conference call with the advocacy group that I am on from the National Alzheimer's office. It is exciting to hear all that is happening out there and how engaged the whole group is in their work to help fight this disease. I know that several major news outlets are planning some stories about Alzheimer's in the coming months. That's about all I can say about that for now but I'll be able to report more later.
Ralph and I just returned from S.C. where we played golf at a state park. It was enjoyable but after a few holes I lose my concentration and it gets difficult. But I enjoy being outside and it was a beautiful day. Since my golf isn't that good to begin with I always say it is just another "walk in the park" for me.

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