Monday, June 18, 2007

Washington DC

We just returned from a few days in Washington DC to visit our son. He's working for a law firm there for just two more weeks (see above). Then in July he will be coming to Atlanta to start a job there with a law firm. It's nice to have him on this side of the country for awhile.

We had a good time visiting and checking everything out in Washington DC again. We tried to go places we hadn't been to before. I certainly felt like the ball at the end of the chain though. I certainly couldn't have done that trip by myself -- way too confusing. I got tired pretty quick and tried to stay up with everything but it was hard.

The one thing I realized when we were there though was that you can tell when your child has become an adult when he reaches for the check at a restaurant before you do -- and then actually pays!

While we were visiting him, his fiancee's parents were visiting her and her sister on the west coast. Jennifer's sister took an internship in California and is staying with her this summer. We were glad to hear that and we are glad they are all getting a chance to visit.

Promise more soon -- I need to rest!


Carol said...

Hey Kris,

Thanks for the chuckle on the comment about knowing when your child is really an adult! Although based on my experience with Justin you might need to modify that to a "mature" adult. :o) Loved the pictures.

Sarah said...

Hi there,

I walk by that firm almost every week! I think your blog is great. Keep it up.