Sunday, June 24, 2007

Social Time

Every month we go out to dinner with three other couples. Each month a different couple gets to pick where they want to go. Last night was one of our dinner nights. But, I had had a bad day with panic attacks and noise bothering me a good bit. I was at the gym and had a major panic attack, but I stuck it out and then came home. Last night as we were eating dinner I several small attacks just because of the noise I think and I just felt a "little off". I was quiet I know and it was difficult to carry on a conversation. I always try to sit on the end of the table becasue then I don't have conversation coming from both sides at me. But, that didn't help much.

After dinner, one of the couples invited us over for dessert and I couldn't go. I made my husband go without me and I felt bad about that. But I just needed to be home where I felt "safe". Hopefully, my friends understand that. I hate it when that happens.

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