Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Week

This has been a busy week -- too busy for me. After my awful testing on Monday I was pretty run down and as a result didn't have a great week.

Next weekend my husband and I will be heading to Washington DC for the National Public Policy Forum for Alzheimer's. We went two years ago and it was a great event -- although depressing because it hits you smack in the face as to what we are facing -- not that you don't know that -- but when you have alot of people in one conference talking about it -- it can become overwhelming. But in the long run it does us good to hear what is going on and to catch up on the latest research. I've been told that about 20% of the people that are at the conference will be Early-On Set people such as myself. That will be good for me.

My son made his decsion about law school this week --he is going to become a "surfer dude" and go to Stanford in California. I'm glad the decision is behind him and I think he will be happy there. Selfishly, I was hoping he would pick Harvard because it is closer to us, but we'll just have to be content in visiting him in California -- which isn't all that bad when you think about it!

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