Saturday, March 27, 2004

Tennis and My Son

I've always had a passion for tennis. When I was growing up I was a big tomboy. My brothers were into all types of sports and I wanted to be too. They wouldn't let me play baseball with them so I would take my tennis racket and hit the ball against a wall while they played baseball. I did this for hours -- or so it seemed. Over the years I have played a lot of tennis. And, admittedly so, I am a tennis snob. Hate to lose, love to win, only want to play with good players, etc., etc., etc. I know how selfish this sounds, but at least I can admit it. I like to think that I am an EX tennis snob. I hope so, but I guess you would have to ask someone else to be certain. Today, I went out and played. I haven't played in about 6 months.

I was shocked at how bad my concentration level is now. I know I have mentioned the stuff about how noise bothers me and makes it hard to concentrate. When I was playing tennis there were people on other courts talking, some children out playing behind the courts and a family pulling a wagon over a wooden bridge. I couldn't concentrate on hitting the ball. My brain could not put into place the steps you need to actually hit the ball. I just had to stop until the noise quieted a little. I didn't ACT devastated but deep down inside I was. Another of the things I am passioniate about in my life has become an obstacle. Of course, I'm not going to quit playing tennis. I just have to pick quieter times to play.

On a brighter note, my son called from college this week and told us he had won an award at Georgia Tech which is the highest academic honor you can win. All of those nominated have 4.0 grade averages and then all of the other things they do plays a part in the award. I'm so proud of him. It's moments like this that I can share with him that make me the happiest.

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