Thursday, March 25, 2004


Me, my family and my doctor have finally decided it is time for me to retire. It has been a hard decision to come by but I know that it is best for me. Not being able to do my job and not being able to have a somewhat "normal" life at the same time has become impossible.

I let the staff where I work know today that I will retire at the end of June. It gives me a few months to get things in order. I was going to wait until May to tell them, but rumors began rumbling around the office and I decided that it was better they hear it from me than from rumors.

This is definitely a crossroad in my life. Having to admit that I can't do my job is hard. I know that the quality of my life will be much better when I'm not working. I have accepted it -- it is much harder for those around me to accept. They don't have to live with this everyday --I do. And, I know when the idea of it wears a little on them, they, too will know this is the best thing for me.

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