Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Alzheimer's Public Policy Forum

Last year I went to the Alzheimer's Public Policy Forum in Washington DC. It was very educational, enlightening but very draining. It was the first one I went to and it opened my eyes. The conference was held again last week but I didn't go. I wanted to, but I know how hard it was for my husband last year to go with me and I wasn't sure I wanted to put him through that again this year. But, I went on line to see what had happened on the Alzheimer's website. I am so encouraged with what everyone is doing to help the cause. On the website there are transcripts of testimonies that people gave that are very touching. One in particular was from an "email pen pal" of mine, John, who spoke about his lovely wife who was diagnosed with AD and how he has been caring for her and his devotion to her. What love he has for her and how I admire him. It's individuals like John that make a difference in this world.

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