Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

I know I have been a little MIA lately.  Lots of things going on and not able to get my thoughts together like I want to.

I haven't taken the opportunity to thank everyone who donated to the Walk To End Alzheimer's.  And, those on my team that raised so much money.  Thanks from the bottom of my heart for helping fight the fight.

Tomorrow will be a day filled with family, fun and laughter.  We are heading to Atlanta to be with my son and daughter-in-law and her delightful family (including her sister who has flown in from San Francisco).  We are blessed to be able to be all together because for so many years we were not.  It makes it even more special for us.

This year, the Classic Center (where I used to work) has installed a portable ice rink which will be open for public skating in December.  I'm excited about that -- I love to ice skate.  I was a figure skater when I was much much younger!  When I moved to Athens almost 34 years ago I thought it was horrible that I could no longer skate.  There were a few rinks tucked away in Atlanta but they were not close enough.  Although my husband had skated as a youngster, skating really isn't his thing -- you may remember several years ago when he decided to go skating with us (Alan, Jen and her family) and fell and broke his elbow -- no more ice for him.  He is now a bystander!  Anyway, I have found places to skate in Atlanta that are a little more convenient although I don't go nearly enough.  But now that the rink is here for at least a few weeks I can enjoy it without having to go too far!  Now, how many of my friends will join me on the ice?  We'll see who my real friends are won't we?  And, Carol -- if you are reading this you cannot come skating -- even if you wanted to.  That poor boy you traumatized by running over him on the Rockefeller Center rink 15 years ago or so is probably still traumatized! To mark the occasion of skating in Athens I crafted a pair of skates out of scrapbook material.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

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Carol said...

Not to worry about me ice skating, Kris! One near miss on killing a young boy was enough for me.
I LOVED the skates -- they are just adorable. You always amaze me with your creativity and talent.

Love and hugs to you.