Saturday, December 07, 2013

Cake Pops and Bakerella

Today I got to meet the talented lady behind "Cake Pops".  She does some amazing things with cake and when I grow up I want to be her!  She made a stop today at the UGA bookstore and did a book signing.  Her books about Cake Pops and Holiday Cake Pops can be purchased through Amazon or at your local Barnes and Noble. 

I wish I had the patience to decorate these little nuggets like she does, but mine never turn out like hers!  Maybe one day............ but it exercises my brain and that is a good thing -- even if I can't make
the magic like she does.

Here are some examples of her work --


Thanks for your time today Bakerella I enjoyed meeting you.


Angie said...

Hi Kris - It was a pleasure meeting you. I really enjoyed having time to chat. Thank you again for the cutest oven box and cookies.

Charlotte C said...

Kris, don't underestimate your baking prowess. Our kids are much older now, but I remember many play dates at your house when you would bring already prepared cookie dough out of the frig, bake cookies and the kids would have so much fun decorating them with the various colored icing you provided. I still use your snicker doodles recipe. Enjoyment is not always related to perfect presentation. You nailed it, Old Friend.