Thursday, November 07, 2013

Friends that are like me

I have two friends in particular that are a lot like me -- maybe that is why we are friends!  Anyway, it is not uncommon for us to buy the same presents for each other on special occasions.  And, when shopping for these two friends, I know that what I like, they will like. 

I met with one of these friends this week for a belated birthday celebration for me.  This friend is always dressed perfectly, her hair is always perfect, her house is always decorated perfectly -- well you get the picture.  If I didn't love her I would probably hate her.  Anyway, I will never look like her and be as polished as she is.  But, for my birthday she gave me some soap and cream that she uses all the time and swears by it.  I have wanted to try it but it was expensive and I don't usually indulge myself in such things.  My friend certainly looks no where near her age and I guess this has been her "secret formula".  So now, although I won't be like her -- I'll smell like her and maybe get rid of some of these wrinkles in the mean time.

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