Wednesday, October 30, 2013

When to Tell and When Not To Tell

Over the last six months or so, I have come into contact with a whole new set of people by joining a new organization.  And, having found myself in a social situation with many of these people, I never know if it is appropriate to share my Alzheimer's diagnosis with them or not.  I see no reason to, until an opportunity arises.  However, on several occasions, that opportunity passed and then I thought if I said something after the fact it would be awkward.

I do find that as I am getting older, and those around me are older that the conversation turns to Alzheimer's in one form or another -- usually someone talking about their parents or a friend having the disease.  I'm afraid if I say something at that point that it becomes a sensitive subject and people will not feel free to discuss it.  But then on the other hand, if they find out I have it, then they wonder if they said something that might have offended me.  That isn't usually the case, but if the circumstances were reversed I could see how this would be.

So, I am never quite sure when to speak up.

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