Monday, October 21, 2013

This week

Last week I was in New York City.  Since I have been to NYC so many times I am pretty comfortable.  Although the crowds still get to me.  I had a little breakdown on the ferry to the Statue of Liberty.  The people, the noise were just too confusing to me.

I wasn't on my own too much while in the city. But one of the problems I have chronicled here is having a problem crossing the streets.  The signals are confusing for me.  Since there is little consistency in Walk Lights, I get confused.  I think the blinking of the walk light in conjunction with the traffic signals, the traffic noise and all the people is overload on my brain.  So, I do better when I am with someone to cross the street than on my own.

Despite my problems, I still enjoyed the trip.

Thanks to all for the birthday wishes.  My son turns 30 today.  That makes me feel old.  But I am glad I am still able to spend some quality time, as I know down the road it won't be as easy.

Two speaking gigs this week -- a class at the University of Georgia and a retirement community in Northeast Georgia.

Thanks for reading and keeping up with me.

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