Saturday, October 05, 2013

Birthday perks

Next week is my birthday and my dear friends, Suzanne and Joe took my fishing for a birthday present.  With the help of our friend William, we went to Lake Russell and caught some fish.  My friend Suzanne caught the first "big" fish -- a 23+lb. hybrid bass.  That was a great catch.
Suzanne and William with her prize catch

Then I caught a large mouth bass

Then Suzanne and I caught a couple of small fish

Then I caught a 23+lb. striped bass

Joe caught some fish too -- but we didn't snap a photo of him.  He and William helped us reel those big ones in -- they fought us most of the way but we did it.

Thanks to everyone for a great birthday present -- not only fish, but fun, laughter and a beautiful day with beautiful friends!

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