Friday, November 25, 2011

Photos from Thanksgiving

Jennifer and Alan were kind enough to invite us for dinner with Jen's parents. Nice to be a guest for a change! Thanks Alan and Jennifer!

Relaxing after Thanksgiving Dinner

Jen and her mom enjoying the food.

Alan after dinner

Alan and I sharing the swing at the park behind their apartment after dinner.

I love to swing -- although only kids were suppose to be on the swings I couldn't resist!

If I hadn't had a dress on I would have been in the middle of this!

Of course, everyone cleaned their plate!

Lots of good food made by Jen and Alan

Going through our Australian scrapbook with Jennifer's parents.

Alan found this wine in Atlanta -- from Australia -- and the little island where we saw the "Little Penguins".

Jen didn't have to call us twice to the dinner table!

Carving the turkey she made for us!

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