Friday, April 01, 2011

Want to get better

about a lot of things. One is posting to this blog. Some of my friends have one day week where they devote to writing something in their blog and they give it a name, i.e. Mindful Mondays, Terrific get the drift. Maybe I will have to resort to that. My knee is healing. That's a good thing. Most of you that know me, know that I am not a real patient person and of course I want to be all better, right now. But, that ain't happening. But I have started walking around the house without my cane, am doing physical therapy three times a week. I started driving this week -- o.k. only to therapy but it is a start. I still have a difficult time sleeping but hopefully that will get better as well. It's coming along....just slowly. A dear friend dropped by this morning with dinner for us. She is someone I have known for close to twenty years. Our paths first crossed when she was working for the local newspaper and she covered some of the work I was doing special events for Downtown Athens. We kind of drifted apart as our jobs and lives took some twists and turns. But we've picked up right where we left off several years ago when we both made an effort to get together. You know how it is -- one will say "we need to do lunch" or "we need to go have coffee" and then you never do. Well, we finally did and I'm so thankful for that. Thanks for being a great friend Meg -- I love you! Mentally, I haven't been feeling real good. I think basically because of the limitations my knee has given me. Hate being housebound and feeling useless. Plus, it has been raining for about the last 5 days and it has just been dreary. But, I probably turned somewhat of a corner this week. I am finally able to wear "regular clothes" -- mainly meaning my jeans/slacks/pants. I couldn't before because my knee was so swollen I couldn't get the pants on over my knee. So, I have been living in sweat pants or shorts and it has been a little too cool for shorts. Getting dressed in real clothes has helped me mood a little. And, since I have started strenuous therapy I at least am able to ride the stationary bike to get my blood pumping! This also helps with my mental attitude as well as helps me think clearer. I realized some time ago that there is definitely a connection between exercising and brain function -- or at least there is for me. I definitely do better dealing with my Alzheimer's when I am exercising on a regular basis. Remember, whatever is good for your body is good for your brain! Here's to getting better faster!!!!

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Inge said...

It is so good hearing from you again!