Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Confusion - why do I do this?

I've been getting out a little more since my knee surgery -- trying to get my stamina back. I am still prone to swelling when I'm up on my knee too much so I have to watch it, but it is coming along. Yesterday, I went out to pick up a few things at the store. I had some coupons and there were some specials going on at the office supply store I was at. When I was looking at what I wanted to buy, I couldn't figure out what the best deal was. Should I buy more than one with my coupon? some items were buy one get one free, was that a better deal than what I went in there for? Too many choices and too many variables for my mind to wrap around . Since I was looking at an item with a relatively high ticket price I didn't want to make a mistake. The sales people kept asking me if they could help me and I was so confused by everything I couldn't even explain what I needed to tell them or ask them. I know I stood there for a very long time trying to figure it out. I know that it was probably something very simple, but I just got so frustrated I left the store. Why do I keep putting myself in these situations? Because I want to be able to do it and I used to be able to do it. I have to keep telling myself that I am not stupid......Simple things can be difficult for those with Alzheimer's.


Carol said...

I can certainly attest to the fact that you are anything BUT stupid! You are an extremely intelligent woman whose disease complicates her life. Nothing more than that. I'm glad to hear you are getting out more. Just remember to not over do it.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean since I have dementia. My brain gets exhausted from repeating tasks over and over in my brain.


Alzheimer's Care in Michigan said...

Thank you. I appreciate your dedication to your writing and how you've told your story. It's not often that people have the courage to fully understand the disease of Alzheimer's, and to share their discoveries - both good and bad - with others.