Monday, April 25, 2011


Last night I caught a few minutes of Hallmark Hall of Fame movie, Beyond the Blackboard. And, while I didn't catch all of the movie, I caught many of the commercials. My mom used to say that I would always watch the commercials and leave when the shows were on, so I guess I come by that honestly. And, I worked for an advertising agency for many years, so yes, I'm into those commercials. One thing about the commercials last night was that Hallmark showed a current commercial and then a commercial from twenty or thirty years ago. The fact that I actually remember some of the old commercials was amazing.

One of the commercials depicted a woman looking into an old box with cards that her children had given her over the years. This tugged at my heart strings for a bit, because, what mother doesn't do that? Don't we all save things our children have made or given us at one time or another? I know we can't keep everything, but I'll bet that most moms that are reading this also have a little treasure box tucked away where they can go and get some of those special treaures from their children (or other loved ones). I know I do. Quite often I find myself going back to "my box" because I don't know when I am going to forget those things. I think,too, that your children don't realize how much those things mean to you until they themselves become parents. I think about the elctronic age (yes I realize I am writing this in the electronic age) we live in and how in the not too distant future cards (like books and newspapers) will become a thing of the past. It's not the same printing out an email as to when someone takes the time to sign a card or write a note. I know I have written about this before, but the Hallmark commercial last night had me thinking about it all day today.

Please think twice when the next holiday or event comes up and you quickly type that email to a special person. Think how much more it would mean to them to have a hand written note they can cherish. I hope that never goes away.

And, speaking of special things, my two "surrogate sons" that I have talked about so much on my blog, have both found out that their wives are expecting babies and within two weeks of each other. One found out today that they are having a girl. The other couple doesn't want to know. I'm so excited for them.


Carol said...

Your comments really hit home with me. My son doesn't give me cards often, so the precious few I do have really mean the world to me. I love the Hallmark commercials -- they have the best ones to me as there is a story behind them. I too treasure the cards I get from friends and family. You are one of the best at sending cards. I strive to emulate you more.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations go to the expecting parents. I also love to give and receive personal notes from time to time and used to write in a journal everyday and this computer writing just seems so impersonal. Thanks for your post. I was thinking the same as I was watching that hallmark movie.