Thursday, July 02, 2009

We're Back

from DC. Thanks to our son for being a great host. We went a few places we hadn't been before like the new Air and Space Museum out by Dulles, a Baltimore Orioles game at Camden Yard and the National Cathedral. We stayed busy -- the weather cooperated and it was nice to have a visit.

Things I always forget about Washington DC -- there is so much green space -- I know the city was planned but it is so odd to see it. I wouldn't want to live there -- way too many people for me. Makes me a little uncomfortable. I got confused a good bit, but with Ralph and Alan there it was o.k.

I had to rest a good bit but tried to stay up with the guys as much as I could.

Our next trip is in a few weeks to Cape Cod. That one should be interesting.


mary said...

I year ago I was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease through a pet scan. I was put on aricept which has been working great most of the time. I was a preschool teacher at a private school. The day I was going in for testing my director gave me a form for the doctor to fill out. It listed the responsibilities I had at work. He would not sign it and told me it was to much responsibility for me. My director hired another teacher and that ended my teaching. After being on aricept I was feeling really like my self again so I decided to open a day care which turned out to be successful. But battling with every couple of months feeling not my self at all made me stop the business. I need income to support myself but during the times when I am struggling to make it through the day where would I be able to work. I applied for SDI they sent me a letter for me to see their doctor for an evaluation. I have heard so many things on how it is very hard to be approved for SDI. To top it off my appointment is Monday and I am going through a really great month of feeling fantastic like I could work anywhere. I know this feeling doesn't last. Any advice? Also if I get denied where do people work when there are so many who have this disease having on and off days and being denied SDI? Please answer soon my appt. is Monday July 6th. Thanks, Mary

Kris said...

Mary -- please email me at and I'll try to answer some of your questions.