Sunday, July 12, 2009

I know it has been awhile. My "concentration" medicine the doctor put me on isn't doing much good -- I go back tomorrow to see what he says. And, I get to have a root canal tomorrow. A girl just can't have too much fun in one day!

Later in the week we are off to Cape Cod. One of my best friends while in college has a summer home there and we are visiting her and her husband. I have not seen her for 23 years -- I can't believe it has been that long but it has. After working for a few years out of college she moved to Alaska, I then moved to Georgia. She came down once to visit us here when Alan was about two years old. She was in Atlanta on business and she got to visit for a few days. We used to try to schedule our trips back to Peoria together so we could see each other but that got more and more difficult to do. But, we have stayed in touch and this weekend we will finally get to catch up. She left Alaska and moved to NY -- gained a new husband and they now reside in Albany. I have never met her new husband so I am anxious to meet Bill as well.

And, we will get away from these 90+ degree days here in Georgia.

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