Monday, July 27, 2009


Last year I had three crowns put in my mouth. Last week I had a root canal. I haven't had that much dental work in one year ever -- I've always had pretty healthy teeth -- what is up with that. But, after the root canal last week things are a lot worse -- that tooth hurts now even more than it did before. Of course, it started hurting late Friday afternoon so you know what I am going to be doing first thing today!

But, I'm on my way to Atlanta for some business so if I am to get back into the dentist's chair it will have to wait at least one more day -- but it can't come soon enough.


Alzheimer's Team said...

I hope everything is working out for you and you are finding many things that will help you combat Alzheimer's. There are so many "natural" remedies. Please take care!


Anonymous said...

my mom as Alzheimers and I am so worried I have it or will get it. I will pray for you.
I am sorry about your teeth. A few yrs ago I had an awful toothache. It cost $8oo.oo by the time I got everything fixed . The dentist kept asking me if I wanted it fixed. I thought that was stupid. Than after it was over my brother said why didn't you just have it pulled. Then it hit me . That is why the dentist kept asking me if I wanted it fixed. I could of said pull it. But he did not memtion that to me. I was so mad. And stupid.