Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Off again

I'm off to Washington DC tomorrow. Two days between trips isn't quite enough for me. Plus, I'm getting a cold my son had over the weekend. When I get to DC tomorrow I think I have about one day of rest before things get busy.

BBC America is going to do a piece on Alzheimer's while I am in Washington and they will be interviewing my son and I and following us during the conference. The piece sounds promising so I'll let you know when it migh air.

While I was in California I recieved the loveliest note from someone who heard me speak in Macon a couple of weeks ago. She is a cancer survivor and has some struggles of her own. It was so nice to recieve her note and for her to take the time and trouble to contact me after the event. I look forward to getting to know her better.

Several weeks ago I mentioned that I was reading the Story of Forgetting, a new book out about Early on set Alzheimer's. I finished the book and I didn't like it all that much. It was very complicated for me to follow and it was certainly a different approach to the subject. Many books are very emotional that deal with this subject and it wasn't -- which is o.k. -- it was a little too technical at times if anything. And, there was a lot of symbolism in it and I'm not sure I caught all of it. It was a very hard read for me. My favorite book so far is Still Alice by Lisa Genova and Losing My Mind by Thomas DiBaggio. Someone left a note on my blog about the latter book and it was one of the first books I read after being diagnosed. My son had given it to me for Mother's Day the first year of my diagnosis. I'm sure others will like the Story of the Forgetting -- it just wasn't for me.

My son will be joining me in Washington DC to help me maneuver -- I don't travel so well by myself anymore. Although I just saw him last week -- it will be nice to be with him on Mother's Day. And, Happy Mother's Day to all of those mothers out there reading this.

I'm going to try to blog from the road.

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