Friday, May 16, 2008

More Washington DC

I was so glad to run into these folks at the public policy forum. The top photo is a friend from Missouri, Alicia. I met her about 4 or 5 years ago at the first public policy forum meeting I went to. She was so sweet and like me another early stage, early on-set Alzheimer's person. We have stayed in touch somewhat over the years but I didn't know she was coming. I love her and she has such an open heart. It was great to see her.

The second photo is Sue from Louisiana. She has a blog in she talks about her life with this disease. I have been reading Sue's blog for several years and it was nice to see her there.

The last photo is Diane from Nashville. She writes about her journey with Alzheimer's at What a wonderful treat to be able to meet her as well since I have been keeping up with her online as well.

Other people took photos with their cameras and when I get some of those from them I will post more. Alan and I met with the Georgia delegation with some of our Georgia legislatures on Capitol Hill while we were there asking for increased funding and to eliminate the two year waiting period for medicare for those under 65. We met with Congressmen Westmoreland, Deal and Senator Johnny Isaakson. We had to meet with Congressman Price's aide as he was making a speech on the house floor. All were relatively accepting of what we had to say except Congressman Westmoreland. He flat out told us that he would not support our increase for funding because he didn't think the NIH was using the money wisely. The others pledged their support for increased funding and all said they needed more information on the two year wait ban. Our meetings were interesting to say the least. The BBC was filming our meetings with Westmoreland and Isaakson so that is forever on tape. They were following me around to various meetings during the conference on a five piece series they are doing about Alzheimer's.

I have more to talk about but will finish later today.

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Dee said...

Beautiful pics! I want to check out the other blogs -- thanks for the links. D