Friday, April 25, 2008

Magical Evening

As you can see by the photos, I got to meet Michael Feinstein last night. The fund raiser was great and the development director in Macon, Karen Kinsler, did a great job putting it together. I spoke a few minutes before Michael came out and met with him briefly after the show. He is doing alot to help raise awareness for Alzheimer's and to help raise money. It was a great evening.

Today has been a hard day for me because the day was pretty long yesterday and I'm very tired. Things are"hazy" for me at best at times today. I did get to take a little nap before I had a meeting this afternoon for the Memory Walk, but putting this post together has been difficult. I'm glad I have the weekend to rest up.
We'll be off to California next week.

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Dee said...

Just catching up on your blog -- good writing. Thanks (once again) for letting us into your mind. It so helps me to understand better. ((( hugs ))) I love the pics. You're beautiful! D