Monday, April 28, 2008

Busy Days Ahead

I got a pleasant surpise in the mail today -- Michael Feinstein sent me three CD's. When we were together last week we were talking about his CD's and he told me he was going to send me some. And, they came today. I didn't really expect them -- but now they will be downloaded on to my IPOD for my upcoming trips.

We are getting ready for the trip to California. I'm looking forward to it. We probably won't be out there for awhile since Alan and Jennifer will be moving to the East Coast. I'll miss an occasional visit out there.

I'm also trying to gear up for the Public Policy Forum in Washington DC the Alzheimer's Association is having the next week. I'll be home for two days and then off to Washington. It will be a very busy time for me and I hope I can keep up. I'm going in a few days early as the Association has interviews set up for me with the Associated Press, AARP, and the BBC. Alan is coming with me on this trip to help me maneuver my way around. It will be fun to have some quiet --if you can call it that -- time with him. At least we will be together on Mother's Day and that means a lot to me. During the conference he and I will be going with members of our State Alzheimer's office to lobby on Capitol Hill for more funding for Alzheimer's research. We have meetings set up with Congressmen Price, Lewis, Westmoreland and Deal as well as Senators Isakson and Chambliss. A very busy agenda as you can see. During the Washington trip we will also have our last meeting of the Early Stage Advisory Group that I have been associated with the past year. It has been a rewarding experience and I have gotten to meet some great people who also serve on that committee.

Our state Alzheimer's Association has a new Executive Director that I met last week. I'm anxious to get to work with her as well. A lot still needs to be done!!

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