Monday, January 28, 2008

The week

I've been tired this weekend and had a hard time collecting my thoughts. I guess with my SS hearing over with and a quick trip to Florida for a few days wore me out more than I thought. I have a few meetings in Atlanta this week and then things get a little quiet.

As part of the Early Stage Advisory Group, I have been working on a project with several other people regarding issues that those with early stage alzheimer's have in regards to work, getting insurance, benefits, etc. If you are in the early stage category or a care partner of an early stage person, are reading this blog and could spare a few minutes to fill out a survey, please go to

We are trying to get data to not only help the association to deal with these issues, but for many that are struggling with these issues to have some data to take to some agencies that might be able to help us in the future. We all have our stories and if you are willing to share with us we would appreciate it.

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