Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Social Security Disability

After three years and three months I was finally granted Social Security Disability benefits today. I went for my hearing before an administrative law judge. Minutes before the hearing was to begin the judge came out and told us there would be no hearing, that full benefits were going to be provided based on my medical records. My attorney and I sat with the judge for a few minutes, his decision was recorded and we were on our way. I could say lots right now about the Social Security system, but I'm not. I have said quite a bit already. I'm just glad it is over. It's just too bad it had to take this long.


Anonymous said...

It is really bad that it had to take that long, but I am really glad that it's over now for you. I was thinking about you all day yesterday, wondering how it'd go for you. - Elyzabeth

Anonymous said...

Best regards and wishes. Paolo from Italy.