Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Social Security Disability

The last two nights CBS has been running an investigative report on Social Security Disability and how hard it is to get it. It was a two part segment and the links to the printed versions are below this post. I learned a lot from these pieces and coincidentally, my case is being heard next week. It has been almost three years of waiting for me. My husband and I met with the attorney that my insurance company hired to help me through the process. I learned even more interesting things from him yesterday.

My claim meets all the criteria for benefits. And, this claim has met every criteria from the day it was submitted. But, it was denied. The attorney went through some of the "checklists" the SS administration uses to grant or deny benefits. In certain areas the person looking at the claim had checked off certain things that were impossible for me to do. If you had so many of these things checked off you were eligible for benefits. I met the criteria. Two years ago Social Security sent me for some neuro psychological testing. I already had some testing done during my diagnosis process but Social security sent me again. The tests were even more difficult the second time around. But, Social security sent me a letter and said basically that the tests showed that I was capable of holding down a full time job. I asked SS for a copy of the results from the test and I was never given a copy. Yesterday, my attorney told me that the second test I took was no better than the first and even worse. It basically said that I was unable to perform at a certain level and that I had limited functionality. But, SS said otherwise after reading the report.

The piece on CBS said that 2/3 of the people that get denied for Social Security disability the first time, never re apply -- thus saving the government lots of money. I was denied three times, and I will finally get my day in front of a judge next week.

If you are fighting this battle, don't give up. Talk to your legislators, talk to whoever will listen. A new administration may be coming to town and now is the time to speak up.


Diane J Standiford said...

It's true, they want the interest. Eventually anyone gets it, but the wait is insane.

I am making a Top 100 List of chronic illness blogs, may I add your blog? Diane-

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or just answer here. Thanks

trish said...


Thank you for the information about your case. My husband is still waiting to hear back from SS to see if he is "disabled". It's a shame that Alzheimer's disease is not on Social Security's list of impairments.


Hana Levi Julian said...

My husband was one who did not go back. In fact, he never made it past the initial submission and by the time they called him for his interview, we had just moved to Israel. He is not eligible for SSD benefits here, as far as I know, because we are overseas. It took him so long to even make his peace with having to apply in the first place....