Monday, November 19, 2007

My trip to Chicago was a good one, albeit short. I don't think I was there for a whole 24 hours. It was cold and windy -- but -- it is Chicago! I wish I had taken my camera because much of the city of decorated for Christmas. I thought it was a little early, but I guess with Thanksgiving being this early that's why.

Since I was by myself I didn't venture out too much because I was afraid I would get lost. Even though I know Chicago pretty well, I felt a little uncomfortable out roaming around. And, that isn't what I was there for anyway. I did get some rest the night I got in which was good because if I hadn't I don't think things would have gone so well the next day.

The speech on Friday morning went pretty well. The Association videotaped for use elsewhere.

It's Thanksgiving week and hopefully more quiet. I need a little downtime.

More soon -- I promise


Donna said...

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Dee said...

I'm glad to hear that all went well. D