Thursday, March 01, 2007


I have had somewhat of a "writer's block" lately so I apologize for not blogging more lately. Soemtimes it is just hard for me to come up with the right words.

When I was first diagnosed with Alzheimer's I made it a mission of mine to get into scrapbooking of some sort. I had lots and lots of photos and they were catalogued or captioned and you probably know the drill. It was always something I was going to get to. Well, I decided that while I could still remember some things I would really work at getting all those photos and kid's drawings and momentos in a scrapbook. It took me several months but I finally got caught up. I was relieved when it was over, because at least I knew that my family would have some memories of our life even if I couldn't remember it.

My project of late has been to work on a scrapbook for a friend of mine. It is a secret so I won't go into who it is for and what the purpose is, but since I know this person doesn't read the blog I think it is pretty safe to talk about it in general terms. I have solicited letters, stories and photos from friends to include in the scrapbook. At times, I feel a little guilty in reading all the letters and stories about this person's life because they are so personal. But at the same time, I am taken back by how much this person has meant to so many people during their lifetime. You never really know what kind of an impact one person has on another until you read stories about them. We take that kind of friendship for granted too often.

I look back and I can pinpoint several people during my lifetime that changed the way I am (was) and sometimes it is not the people you expect that change your life. I'm not sure when I was growing up we called these people Mentors like we do today, but just the same they are important in our lives. Sometimes we don't realize what an impact they had on our lives until way after the fact. If there are people in your life that have affected you for the positive, let them know it, before it is too late. There's no time like the present.

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Anonymous said...

Well taking the time to seize the day - YOU Kris mean a lot to me. And I will tell you that every opportunity I get so it's never too late. I value you more than you realize and I so appreciate that you took the time to phone me on Monday when I was feeling miserable. I'm doing a little better now. I love you loads! - Elyzabeth