Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Mini Meltdown

Over the weekend I had what I consider a "mini meltdown". Many things had been building up and I guess I unleashed some of them. I'm sure my husband would think this was a "major meltdown", but I guess the old saying is "you haven't seen anything yet" would apply. The one thing my husband did say was "Is that you or the disease?". I can say for 100 percent certainty that this meltdown was me! Sometimes things I say or I do I can say that it is 100% the disease and sometimes I'm not sure. I guess as the disease progresses it will be easier to tell.

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Dick Lundgren said...

This is a subject I have talked to my US Congressman and both Senators offices about. I was able to get it the first time for my wife, who has early-onset, but I have talked with a number of people that have had to go back numerous times. Some have been successful some have not. The other item is the 24 month waiting period for Medicare after you get SSDI. I think that both of these are issues should be addressed by the legislature.