Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Getting Older

Many of my friends have recently passed some milestone birthdays so I guess that always makes me feel older too. And, with it comes stories of failing health in some form or another. Do we just neglect ourselves in all that we have to do, do we overdo things because our bodies are what they used to be or is it "just getting old"?

I've tried to keep remember what some doctors have told me about my Alzheimer's. That they are hoping with the drugs out there today and some to come on line soon, that their hope is for people like me to die of something else rather than the Alzheimers. Of course, I hope this is true as the downward spiral for someone with Alzheimer's isn't exactly pretty. But some other diseases are not either.

Spring has sprung in the south and with it comes the dreadful pollen. I have never seen it this bad although my husband says it has been. I suffer from allergies and when you can't go outside because the pollen is so thick in the air it is bad. The range for the pollen is up in the 5000 range (whatever that means) and if you consider that the "high range" is 150, you realize how bad it is. The streets, cars and any surface outside are covered with this yellow green dusting. I remember when I was playing tennis with this pollen that you can see where the ball bounced because it would leave a mark in the pollen. We are hoping for rain to help clear some of it out.

I'm having some circulation problems in my left leg so am going to the hospital for some tests tomorrow. The name of the test is too long for me to remember, but they will basically be shooting dye up my leg to watch the flow of it. The doctor thinks I have lymphodema -- which isn't life threatening -- more of a pain and a nuisance.

On a lighter note, my son and his girlfriend are in Hawaii on his spring break right now. Ever since moving to California they have wanted to go since it is a lot cheaper if you are starting out in California. I hope they have a good trip. They have both worked hard to get there.

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