Thursday, June 22, 2006

Support Groups

This morning I spoke to a local support group. I've spoken to them in the past but what makes these folks different is that they are proactive. By that I mean that many of the people are not in the support group because they are caring for someone with Alzheimer's, but most have had family members in the past with Alzheimer's and they just want to learn more about the disease. I commend them for doing that. Their group keeps getting larger and larger and I'm always so pleased to see them. They always have great questions and I've said before, it does me more good I think than them. I appreciate the opportunity to speak to them and any group.

On another note, my brother-in-law is coming today for a five day visit. We have lived here for 26 years and he came down a couple of months after we moved in and has never been back. We visit him in St. Louis, but for various reasons he hasn't made it back down here. He lost his wife to cancer at Christmas time. I'm anxious for him to be here but at the same time hope he doesn't take it personally if I don't interact with him like I used to. He isn't used to being around me and I definitely need my quiet time. I told my husband to warn him that I wasn't been rude if I had to leave the room to "escape". But, I'm glad he is coming -- it will do him good to get away for a few days.


redhairedapache said...

Where would one learn more about these groups?

k said...

If you go to and click on the map in the upper left hand corner, then click on your state it will bring up the Alzheimer's association in your states. Click on the one that applies to you and on the left hand side of the page there will be "support groups" listed, click on that and it will give you a list of support groups in that area. I hope this helps.