Friday, March 24, 2006


Well, the calendar says it is spring, but the weather doesn't feel like it now. A few weeks ago the temperatures were in the 70's and now we are lucky to get out of the 50's.

But I'm plunging into colder temps as I travel this weekend to Chicago to meet my son for spring break. It's always cold in Chicago during fall, winter and spring. And, the forecast calls for snow flurries. Then we are taking a train to Peoria to meet with my family. Alan will then head back out to the west coast and I'll spend a few more days visiting with my relatives. My friends Pody and Rick (that we saw in England) will be joining us for a day in Chicago and Alan will catch up with a high school buddy that lives in Chicago now. Lots to do, lots of people to see. I just need to pace myself and try to get some rest when I can.

I know I'll have some interesting stories when I return. I promise.

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