Thursday, June 02, 2005

Staying Busy and Not Staying Busy

I feel like I am staying busy all the time, but then when I go back and look at what I did when I said I was "busy" it doesn't amount to much. The fatigue seems to be getting to me more and more -- just trying to concentrate so much and stay on task. I think that is why I sometimes don't do things because it just takes too much effort.

I have had some bad days recently. I forgot how to get home one day and had to call my husband for help. I get more confused around the house and feel as if I am forgetting more things. I try to stay as focused as I can.

I have enjoyed being with Alan this summer although our time is limited with him working in Atlanta a few days a week. But he still will "hang out" with me -- we went to play golf a few times last week and we generally enjoy each other's company. I guess I should speak for myself -- I enjoy his company anyway!

He is anxiously awaiting his trip to California and steadily looking at all the things he has to work out. His girlfriend is in Taiwan for a month visiting her family and when she returns she too will be looking at what needs to be done for her move to the west coast.

It has been raining here for days and that gets to be a little depressing at times. But, hopefully, the sun will come out tomorrow.

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