Friday, June 10, 2005

Hot Week

Well, we jumped from spring to mid summer with the temperatures this week. It has been in the mid 80's and pretty humid. But, despite the heat Alan and I managed to get in some golf and tennis. I keep thinking it is going to help me shed these extra pounds, but so far, I've just sweated a lot!

On Monday, I went to Atlanta to do an interview/q&a type thing with Col. Nimrod MacNair (Mac) and Dr. Neil Shulman (best known for being Doc Hollywood, being portrayed by Michael J. Fox in the movie -- he is also an author). Neil's mother passed away a few months ago with Alzheimer's and Mac's wife suffers from the disease. In many discussions over the last few months with these gentlemen and the director of the Alzheimer's Association, we realized it is important to talk about the disease in "not so frightening" terms -- as Neil uses humor as a technique in teaching medicine as well as his writings. So, we had some fun and taped about an hour's worth of material. The Alzheimer's Assn. is hopefully going to be able to edit in some form that it will be useful to those suffering from the disease as well as those that are caring for their loved ones.

Mac is also organizing a fund raiser for Alzheimer's in the community he is currently living in. Heather Whitestone (Miss America 1995 (I think) who is hearing impaired) is going to be the featured speaker. She talks about overcoming diversity in her speeches. She and Mac have done some other motivational type programs in the past.

I know I haven't posted for awhile but I wanted to put something down. It seems like I am staying busy -- it is nice to be able to spend some time with Alan before he goes to California. His girlfriend, Jennifer, is in Taiwan for a month. She has been sending some beautiful pictures back as well as an account of her trip. Her parents are from Taiwan and she hasn't been over to visit her extended family for about six years. I'm sure she is seeing a lot of new things. What a wonderful opportunity.

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