Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Well it appears spring is here. We are getting a few days of nice weather, then rain and cold and then a few more nice days. Hopefully, soon we will see more nice days than cold days!

Things have been busy here for me lately and of course that means getting out of my routine and I certainly can feel a difference. It's hard for me function normally when I am out of my comfort zone. I'm trying desperately to back to "normal" whatever that means these days but every time I try I get sidetracked. Over the next couple of weeks I have out of town company coming and several speaking engagements out of town. I hope by April 15th I will be able to be back on more of a regular schedule and calm down some. I get really anxious when things don't follow a routine. I know I need to be better about controlling and that is something I am going to really have to work on this summer when my son is home.

It is hard for me to just do something on the "spur of the moment" like I used to. I feel uneasy and unsettled and pretty confused. I know my son will understand when he decides at the last minute he wants to go play tennis or do something that I can't always do it. I have to plan and stick to my plan -- and I hate that! I used to be pretty spontaneous and enjoyed just picking up and doing whatever I wanted when I wanted. So much for that independence!

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