Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Back on Track

Gosh -- it's been awhile I know, but I think I am finally getting back on track after being sick for several weeks. I just have to watch it and not over do now or I'll be back in the same situation! Thanks to all those that have called since I haven't been blogging. I guess I don't realize how many people actually read this.

Getting back to my routine is important now to help me keep on track. I'm doing pretty well, but then I haven't ventured out much lately!

My son is in the final stages of selecting law schools. It is such a difficult decision for him. He applied to way too many schools, but then he wasn't sure if he would get in them so you have to have your bases covered. He has it narrowed down to four Stanford, Harvard, Yale and the University of Chicago. He will be visiting all of them in the next month so hopefully in a month's time he will be able to make a decision. It will be hard for me to have him farther away than an hour as he has been for the last four years.

I promise to write more soon. Thanks again for checking up on me.

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