Friday, September 03, 2004


I know that I have discussed how much I enjoy playing tennis and how at times it is hard because of all the noise on the courts. People talking and yelling distract me and it is hard to focus on the game at hand.
Well, about a week and a half ago, I was out playing tennis with my husband and something a little different happened to me. I was playing and I could not figure out what I was doing out there. I was getting mad because all I knew was that my husband was on the other side of the court hitting balls at me. I was trying to bat them down because I didn't want them to hit me -- I was totally unaware that I was out there to play a game -- I just couldn't figure out why my husband was hitting balls at me.
Then I looked around at the other courts and saw the same thing happening on the courts and couldn't figure out why people would intentionally be hitting balls at each other because someone was going to get hurt! After about ten or fifteen minutes I just broked down crying on the court because I couldn't understand why my husband would want to hurt me by hitting balls at me. After a time out on the court for me to cry I regrouped, figured it out and when on to play. And, after my husband played easy on me for a few games, I ended up beating him -- but he really won -- because he had to put up with me!

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