Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Back At It?

About two and half months ago I had my left knee replaced.  I had my right knee replaced about three years ago.  I thought I remembered how long it took for therapy and getting back to "normal" was, but apparently not.  Although, this time around during and after prescribed physical therapy I took to the pool once a day and got stronger a lot faster than I thought I would.

So, last week, I started playing Pickleball again.  I am still not running -- kind of hobbling along best I can.  My partners have been good to me and compensated for my weaknesses.  But, one day I was playing and in an effort to "guard my knee" I took a tumble on the court.  It wasn't the first time I or others have fallen on the court.  We play on a basketball court and sometimes depending on the shoes you wear, your feet can get "stuck" on the floor -- so your body moves but your feet don't, and consequently, down you go.  Well, that is what happened to me and this was the result

a nice bruise to the right thigh. But I didn't hurt my knee!
Tomorrow I am playing golf for the first time since my knee surgery -- let's hope nothing else happens.


Carol said...

OMG Kris! Are you sure you need to play Pickleball yet? That's a nasty bruise.

I'm praying for a full recovery for you my friend.

Love and hugs to you.

Bill Craig said...

So glad you got your strength back, Kris. While it didn't happen to *me* personally, I think I know a little of what you went through recovering.

Recently, my wife Dondra had her foot run over by one of those electric shopping carts at Kroger. While it didn't break anything, she did pick up a nasty case of cellulitis. Because of this, she had to walk with a cane. Not being used to the cane she fell down some stairs and broke her right arm and two crowns.

I am *her* caregiver at the present time. As you know, serving as an advocate, when one spouse (me) is mentally challenged and the other one physically life suddenly becomes very difficult.

Again, I am glad you're feeling well enough for golfing and your Advocacy and hope you continue to be well.