Saturday, April 28, 2012


For about the last year, I have been thinking about going fishing.  That probably sounds funny to most of you.  But, when I was young, my father pretty much fished every day of his life.  He would work the night shift as a pressman for the daily newspaper, come home, eat breakfast, go fishing and then take a nap.  He'd get up from his nap, eat dinner and go to work.  I loved going fishing with my dad because it was about the only time I saw him and it was alone time with him.  We would always get in an argument because my dad would be trolling the boat and if he caught a fish while trolling we would stop, put down anchor and fish there for awhile.  If I caught a fish while trolling he wouldn't stop but go somewhere else to fish.  We used to laugh about this all the time. 

My dad died about 29 years ago.  My big regret has always been that I had not had my son when my father died.  My dad would have loved Alan.  I see a lot of my dad in Alan and that makes me proud. I miss my dad.  My mom and I weren't that close and I guess dads and daughters are.  After my dad died I took one of his fishing rods and have it mounted in my living room.  It's a constant reminder of that constant person in my life.  I haven't been fishing in over 30 years and the more I think about my dad the more I want to go fishing.

My brother visited about a month ago and he made the comment he wanted to go fishing.  I was so surprised he said that because I hadn't told him what I was thinking, and he wasn't the first one to volunteer to go fishing with dad.  He would go on occasion, but he certainly wasn't the first one in the boat.  And, I don't remember him cleaning fish with dad and I.  He probably did, but I don't remember that.  So, we had this conversation while he was here about fishing and I needed to buy a rod and reel because one way or another this summer I am going fishing.  I've said a few things to friends about wanting to go fishing and although they fish on a regular basis I haven't been given an invitation to go with them -- so I'll do it on my own.  And, maybe I'll even catch enough for my dinner.

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Anonymous said...

Kris..too bad I do not live close to you or I would invite you to go fishing. I have dementia also and a father who I also went fishing with.My Father passed 32 years ago. Fishing is very relaxing and will give you plenty of time to think, you will love fishing!