Monday, March 14, 2011


has started on my knee. The day after I got home from the hospital the physical therapist was there and they are back today -- ten visits by the end of the month. I go back on thursday to get the staples out of my knee. I'll feel better doing therapy after I get them out, as when I feel something kind of "pulling" I'm not sure if it the incision/staples or just normal.

Friends have been great to bring over meals to help my husband out. I really appreciate them for doing that. Now, if I could just get some folks to volunteer to come clean my house! Why is it that whenever you are sick or incapacitated that your house always looks messier -- or maybe it is just me. But, I mopped and cleaned the kitchen floor before I went into the hospital and it is already dirty. Ralph use to complain it was me spilling coffee and food in the kitchen that made it dirty -- but now I know that is definitely not the case since I haven't been in the kitchen! Oh well -- having a dirty kitchen floor is the least of my worries!

The weather is beautiful here. Wish I could go out and enjoy it. My allergies are so bad that I'm afraid if I even go out and sit in it at this point it wouldn't be good. But, before the week is out I know I will have to get out -- I don't want to be cooped up all day long every day!

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