Thursday, March 17, 2011

Different things

I'm going to the doctor today to get the staples out of my knee. It looks pretty ugly, but I guess I am progressing o.k. Physical therapy will take awhile but I'll get there eventually.

It's been so nice out that I'm planning to at least get some fresh air in the next couple of days just by sitting outside. Even if I can't walk, I can at least enjoy the beautiful weather.

Today, the head of the nuclear regulatory commission was on tv discussing the radiation situation in Japan. I'm not sure I could have told you this gentleman's name, as he doesn't get much press and that is probably a good thing. But I had to laugh, as my son Alan was looking at colleges he was saying that he either wanted to be "head of the nuclear regulatory commission, or write speeches for the president". Go figure. He turned out to be an attorney -- not sure where that fits into this but I'm sure he is rolling his eyes if he reads this!

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