Monday, November 30, 2009


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We just returned from Washington DC and spending four days with Alan and Jennifer. We had a great time. I didn't have to cook the turkey -- Jen did a great job with that. We got to go ice skating and many of you know how I like to ice skate so that was a lot of fun. In the photos I was trying to teach Alan and Jen how to skate backwards -- Jen did great -- it was a little lost on Alan. But, we didn't manage to mow any little kids over (get that Carol?) and it was a beautiful day that day so I really enjoyed it. Since Ralph broke his elbow the last time we went ice skating he was not allowed to take the ice!

We also went to Annapolis for a day to visit the Naval Academy. The town itself is so pretty and it was really impressive. We also visiting the Air Force memorial, the Marine Corps Memorial and the National Botanic Garden where there were lots of Christmas decorations out. In the top photo you will see one of the miniature landmarks done with all natural materials -- berries, nuts, acorns, twigs, leaves, etc. There were several on display including the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Supreme Court and others. There were also trains running around the buildings and the rest of the decorations.

I did pretty well on this trip -- but there wasn't much expected of me. I just enjoyed myself and thanks to Alan and Jennifer for keeping us out of trouble, going skating with me and cooking all the food!
I'm off to Illinois at the end of the week to visit my family -- more soon.


Carol Moore said...

Yes, Kris I did get the comment about not mowing down any kids! You must have forgot to teach me how NOT to do that when we skated in Rockefeller Center in NY.

W. Latane Barton said...

What a great Thanksgiving. Glad it was YOU on ice skates and not me. Well, I would not be up on ice skates... my backside would be lying flat and I would freeze it off.

Elbert and I lived in Annapolis back in the 'ice age' in the 1960s. That sounds so long ago. He was the communications officer at the Naval Academy and we loved living there and doing all the fun things that Annapolis and the Academy have to offer.