Monday, November 09, 2009

Confusion reigns

My husband likes to "tinker" with things. It drives me crazy because there are certain things he just can't leave alone. When he wants to change things he just does, without consulting me of course. And, since change is a problem for me, this creates problems.

He recently changed our Cable television service. Which means a new remote. Since he is the "king of the remote" (what man isn't though!) this creates a problem for me because "I'm not doing it right" or "you don't know how to use it" is muttered quite frequently in our house. I try -- but when you don't get an opportunity to even touch the remote most of the time, it is hard to learn -- let alone learning something new.

Then, my husband upgraded our computer from Vista to Windows 7. Which I know is an improvement -- but it is something else to learn. Things aren't in the same place I'm used to them being. Then my husband decided to install several new programs that he wanted to use. One of the problems with that was that when he installed this one of these programs, it would not allow me to turn the sound off on the computer. (I can't deal with the sounds coming from the computer -- it sounds silly, but I lose my concentration). After complaining my husband finally took it off the computer until he could talk with it's maker and find out what the problem was. But, many times, when he makes one slight change in something -- it changes other things that affect me -- and because they are "little things" to most people, he doesn't seem to think it is a big deal -- but those little things are big things to me. It is very frustrating.

So, the last few weeks I have been confused. As a result, I get confused about a lot of things and I get anxious about that because things are not "normal" -- they've changed. I say the definition of normal changes all the time for me so I guess writing that last sentence doesn't make much sense -- but it is frustrating. I just feel like I'm a few steps behind everyone else. I need my space, my quiet and all things to stay the same......I know that is too much to ask for.....especially in my household. I've tried to explain that it would be like going into someone's house who was blind and moving all the furniture around without telling them. (or at least that is what I think it would be like) Little things make a difference in the life of someone with Alzheimer's.


W. Latane Barton said...

hubby needs to be a little bit more understanding with you. As my daughter would say, 'bop him up side the head with a frying pan'. Just kidding. But, men can be one minded....

Deanie said...

I can relate to this! My wife does things like this and I get agitated..

Here 2 Help Services said...

I can understand that. Pat gets so confused if we change anything around. We moved over the summer and it has taken months... and even still for her to realize this is where we live. It's frustrating for me, but it must be even more frustrating for her.
I write about a lot of these things at my blog as well as my website.