Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We just got in from a long drive from Washington DC. We visited Alan and Jennifer in their new apartment. It's nice to know and see where they are living and calling home. It was a quick trip. Jennifer made me a birthday cake with her new Kitchenaid mixer and we ate it all weekend. Thanks to both of them for making my birthday celebation a good one. Alan turns 25 next week and that makes me feel older than me thinking about my own birthday!

When I got back today I received an email that American Express has awarded the Alzheimer's Association 1.5 million dollars in their Members Project. Thanks to all who voted. One of our members of the Early Stage Advisory Group, Patty Smith, her husband actually put that project forward. The project is to help with early detection of Alzheimer's Disease. Last year there were a couple of other projects nominated and they both got high votes, but didn't win the top prize. I was going to nominate an Alzheimer's project this year if one didn't get submitted, so I was glad to see Jay's project and so glad it won! Thanks to Patty and Jay for all they do! We were just near you but knew I didn't have time to get in touch. Hope you are both doing well.

More soon -- when I have rested.

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