Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Odds and Ends

I've spent the last two days in the hospital. I was having some chest pains over the weekend. I had had them earlier in the summer, but this time they seemed a bit worse. I just had this sensation that someone was standing on my chest. So, I went to the hospital on Monday morning. Going to the hospital is never fun. There are two hospitals in Athens and we usually go ot the same one every time -- although I'm not going to say which one. We have never really had a bad experience at this hospital -- until this trip. The good news about the whole experience is that I didn't have a heart attack and there is no damage to my heart. I have extremely low blood pressure and always have. That could be my culprit. But I'm fine now and enjoyed being in my own bed for a full night's sleep last night. The bad news is that the as I mentioned the experience on this trip was awful. I'm not going to go into it hear, but I did take lots of notes and plan to write to the hospital. There is another option in town, and perhaps next time I'll take that option. I felt my "Alzheimer's" kicking in when I became very frustrated and stressed while there. It wasn't pretty!!!

Many of you have asked about Alan and Jennifer. I know I didn't post much when we returned from Washington but it was a quick trip. Their apartment is nice -- really small -- but nice and in a nice new apartment complex. The roof has an area where you can go sit and there are even hammocks! I liked that part. I'm not sure how much of the year you can enjoy being on the top of the roof and not freeze to death -- but the weekend we were there it was delightful. They live a close walk to the National Zoo and we walked down there to see the pandas. Alan commutes every day on the metro. There is a metro station connected to their apartment building and his office sits on top of a metro station so he really doesn't have to deal with the elements too much on his daily commute. Jennifer has not found a job yet. I hope with the economic downturn we are in that she will get one -- it may take her awhile but we are hoping the best for her. Alan finds out this week if he passed the bar exam. He enjoys his job with Hogan and Hartson. He's working a lot but I don't think much more than when he was in law school since he spent so much time studying.

Memory Walk is in a couple of weeks. Donations are down and that is probably a reflection of the economy. Don't forget to vote if you haven't already. I went the second or third day of early voting and didn't have to wait at all. Now I know the lines are long -- but it is important for everyone to vote.

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